Trust the Law Office of Andrew A. Byer

There are certain business matters that you simply do not want to deal with on your own. This is not to say that you are incapable of it, but rather that some matters are better left to those in the legal profession, and with good reason. The legal landscape can be very difficult to navigate without intimate knowledge of it, and with that being the case, you want the best legal help you can find. Andrew Byer is a trustworthy name in the legal community and is able to perform more than competently in a number of different areas.

good-criminal-attorney1A Well Rounded Legal professional

Andrew Byer, Attorneyhas spent more than a bit of time in the legal profession. Some of his qualifications include:

  • Graduated Columbia University, B.A. in 1984
  • Graduated Syracuse Law School, J.D. in 1987
  • Admitted to Florida Bar since 1989
  • Fluent in Italian, French and Spanish

These skills not only show a well-rounded legal professional, but one that can aid in cases that involve non-English speaking clients. When you take your business to Andrew Byer Fort Lauderdale you can expect assistance in a number of different areas of law which include transactional/business law, real-estate, trademarks, and even international law. The bottom line, is that it is time to stop trusting your legal affairs to undersold, under experienced attorneys, and start trusting someone that has been around the block, seen every possible scenario, and is prepared to take on your case with the attention that it truly deserves.

Every Client is Important

Other attorneys might see you as a paycheck or simply another faceless client in their roster of clientele, and you have to wonder how much stock they actually put into your case. What you need is someone who not only reads your case file and does the leg work, but someone who is able to represent you competently. Such a thing can be hard to find, even outside the realm of public defenders.

You need someone that is going to help you win your case; you need someone that knows what they are doing, understands your situation, and is ready to go to war for YOU. Start taking stock of your legal predicament right now and make sure that you are not only ready to take it to court, but that you have someone who is more than willing to defend you. Take someone who has the experience, has the knowledge, and has worked in the Florida area since 1989. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and seize your life. Most importantly, you need to approach it strategically, ensuring that you are ready to not only go into battle, but come out victorious on the other side. Small issues can become complicated, and complications can lead to more serious problems. As they like to say, the buck stops here with Andrew Byer.